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The   Simulator               


The Commercial Details

Here are some of the more COMMERCIAL Facts about this Simulator.


The Simulator Programmes are supplied on two 3.5 inch Floppy Discs one of which is specially protected to prevent copying. The Installation Programme included allows the Simulator to be loaded onto FOUR Computers for independant use of the Simulator. The Simulator can also be installed onto any number of Computers for Startup using the Master Disc.
The Simulator will work on Computers running any version of Windows from 95/98 to NT and XP. It will run with a minimum of RAM and requires only 4 MB's of Hard Disc space including Windows Library Programmes.

A Utilities CD is also included and this contains the EXPERIMENTS in the form of Files for display using our Experiments Facility (also included), and the INSTRUCTION BOOK as a 'Microsoft Word' Document which can be printed out using most Wordprocessors. You can make as many copies of the Instruction Book as you wish.

The Simulator has been developed in the UK and is only supplied by Orange Enterprizes.

The Price of this Complete Study Package, including Post and packing, is 480 Pounds Sterling.