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The   Simulator               


The Commercial Details

This WIND TURBINE Simulator contains a total of NINE Programmes and it is operated from a MENU screen as above from which any and all of the Programmes can be selected by the click of the mouse on the appropriate Title. You can get further details about the five Systems covered by the Simulator by clicking on the TITLES on the left of this screen.

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The first 3 Programmes give Information and teach the student about the Technology of Electricity Generation by Wind Turbines, with the general factors in 'ALL about WIND TURBINES', the Mechanical Design in 'MECHANICAL Considerations' and Electrical Factors in 'ELECTRICAL Considerations.

The remaining 6 Programmes are the heart of this Simulator. The 'SELECTING the SPECIFICATION' Programme allows you to select the design of a COMPLETE Wind Turbine Installation and the FIVE following Programmes allow you to operate and study the performance of 5 different Electrical Generation Systems with your chosen Wind Turbine.

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